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For parents

The centre is open from 7.30am to 6pm.

Drop-off and pick-up

It is a Department of Education and Training requirement to use Electronic Sign In/Sign Out (ESI) system when dropping off or collecting your child.

If someone other than Mum, Dad or the primary carer, who is not nominated on enrolment documents, is coming to pick up the child please notify staff as an authorisation form must first be signed, which must include the collecting person’s ID.

Please ensure you are here to collect your child by 5.50pm to see staff about your child’s day and collect your child in an unrushed manner. We ask that you leave the centre before 6pm. A late fee applies to pick-ups after 6pm.

Pick-ups provide a great opportunity to spend time with your child at the Centre and see some of the activities they have been doing.


Do not bring any food into the centre as some children can have severe allergic reactions to common food such as egg, dairy, wheat and nuts.

Please develop the habit of washing your children’s hands when they arrive at the centre to remove traces of food. This is required even when they have washed their hands at home before coming to the centre.


If your child becomes unwell we will call you to collect your child as we aim to protect all children from cross-infection. If your child had a fever or an upset stomach, he/she will have to stay at home for the next 24 hours and be completely symptoms free before returning to the Centre. A skin rash may require a doctor’s certificate.


Download the “Cooperative Rules” document