What to bring

The blue and green rooms

If you use disposable nappies when your child is in the centre please bring enough (6-7) to last through the day.

Please supply two complete changes of clothes for your child every day (socks, singlets/body suits included). Please label your child’s clothes and shoes to save confusion. Proper footwear and a coat (in winter) need to be worn for outside play.

Two sheets -- one fitted (cot size) and one flat -- are required and one named pillowcase, which will be used to store the sheets when not in use. The sheets and the pillowcase must be brought on the first day your child is in for the week and will be put in the locker to be sent home on the last day of the child’s week.

Please name your child’s bottles (lids as well) and fill them up with milk or formula every day the child is in.

For children over 18 months a hairbrush is required.

Please bring a family photo on your first day or come in all together and we will take a photo of your family. We will put all of them on the wall so that the children enjoy seeing familiar faces during the day.

As we spend lots of time on the veranda and in the garden, please apply sunscreen before bringing children to crèche. We will reapply it during the day. We provide sunhats for the children but if you prefer to use your own you are welcome to leave one (legionnaire’s style) at the centre.

The yellow and orange rooms