The Kindergarten has places for 25 children aged three to five years with a comprehensive kindergarten curriculum and is run by at least two Early Childhood Degree qualified educators plus a Diploma trained educator and a Certificate3 educator.

The Victorian Government provides funding to support children to access a kindergarten program in the year before school. The funding is a contribution towards meeting the cost of the kindergarten program and is based on the number of children enrolled in the program at Fawkner Park Children's Centre. A child can attend only one funded kindergarten program in a single year.

We believe play is the work of children, and therefore a play-based learning, based on emergent curriculum, is the most suitable way for children to learn and develop.

Our approach includes a child-initiated and child-directed approach. It is the children’s ideas and input into the program that form the basis of our program. We believe this approach will develop independent and active learners.

It is a child’s strengths and interests that we are most interested in. By focusing on these aspects, we will ensure that children develop high self-esteem, confidence and self-image -- three important goals in early-childhood education.

Small group work is also part of the program. We believe that children benefit greatly form these experiences, as more focus on individual work is possible.

We also provide extra-curricular activities, such as music classes, callisthenics, touch screen educational games on the computer, ballet and movement classes, enjoy visiting special guests such as theatre performers and musicians, and conduct a number of excursions, such as to the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Botanic Gardens.