The blue room and the green room

The Blue Room and the Green Room each have places for 11-12 children aged from six months to two-and-a-half years. Each room has four staff.

Our program aims to meet the needs of individual children within a nurturing, secure, responsive and stimulating environment created in the room.

We aim to help children develop positive self-concept and self-esteem and increase their independence through facilitating their learning process by providing a variety of experiences suitable for individual children’s interests and abilities.

We nurture children's interest in the world they live in by providing a caring environment, which allows them to grow as individuals. As children work with materials and activities we listen, observe, interpret children’s behaviour and plan experiences to develop their individual skills – physically (gross/fine motor skills), intellectually (language, memory, attention span), socially and emotionally.

We evaluate the program against the five learning outcomes in the National and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and modify it to cater for the children’s current level of skills and interests.

We believe children learn through play and we provide a balance between child-initiated and adult-guided experiences in which children may use a range of equipment and materials including improvised, home-made equipment and natural materials.

We have a music program, which includes spontaneous singing, playing percussion instruments and creative movement. We sit to eat and drink.