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The Fawkner Park Childrens Centre was established as a cooperative in 1989. It has a rich history dating back to post-world war 2 when it first opened with the specific aim of providing high quality professional care for children.

The Centre underwent an expansion completed in 2010. The expansion increased the number of places for children aged three and under by approximately 50%. The new extension was officially opened by the Mayor at our 21st birthday celebration in October 2010 and many new families have settled into the Centre since.

Fawkner Park Children's Centre is very grateful for the contribution from the Melbourne City Council and DET and everyone else who contributed or helped with our fundraising initiatives over the years leading to expansion completion. The new rooms are fantastic and are enjoyed by children, their families and educators.

Here at Fawkner Park Childrens Centre we aim to provide a happy, relaxed and safe atmosphere for children to develop a love of learning.

We provide a number of learning experiences that will extend children in all areas of development social, emotional, language, cognitive, sensory, and fine and gross motor skills. Our program is based around an emergent curriculum. Both the National Early Years Learning and Development Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework underpin all programming and experiences for children.

We provide an inclusive environment, where diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and abilities are respected and celebrated.

Our teaching and resources reflect a commitment to gender, cultural and social equality.

Each room has a developmentally appropriate program, designed for the individual needs of the child.

A regular program of workshops and visitors to the centre broadens childrens experiences and enriches the program!